Wednesday, 24 April 2013

the fractal skulls / adam willetts - split cassette (blr11)

The Fractal Skulls - Telepylos
Adam Willetts - Sandyford Lines
A split cassette.

Fractal Skulls is a High Wycombe, UK based master of the kosmische. His side of the tape follows on from a full length on Subexotic and cassettes on Blue Tapes and Reverb Worship. Unashamedly mellow, ‘Telepylos’ melds the highest regard for the likes of Terry Riley and Cluster, with a hint that we should be questioning everything.

Adam Willetts is from Christchurch, New Zealand. Over the last few years he has been quietly releasing a slew of clever electronics, for imprints such as Fictitious Sighs and Dungeon Taxis. ‘Sandyford Lines’ marks a step into the minimal. Super focused synth action comes to the fore whilst brushing aside any sense of melody, recalling the likes of early electronic experimenters Raymond Scott and Karlheinz Stockhausen.

Both chaps have skilfully acquired the knack of using repetition to move you forward into new spaces.

In an edition of 70 c40 electric blue cassettes in yellow library cases.
3 colour risograph sleeves designed and printed by James Hines.

Here is a video for "PanCycle" from 'Telepylos'

Order via bandcamp, or wing us an email.

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gavin john baker - persuasion (blr08) & single note theory (blr09)

FINALLY! gavin john baker's concluding two monstrous drone works see the light of day. not unlike phil niblock, but loud. very, very stubbornly loud. like keiji haino loud. boa described propeller as 'dense heavy lidded drone' and they loved it. recommendations don't come any higher.

ltd to 60. £6(uk)/£6.50(eur)/£6.75(row) for either, or £10/£11/£12 for both

Sunday, 24 July 2011

how to make animated gif

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Monday, 4 April 2011

the reburn of blr03 is now ready.
£4 (uk) / £4.50 (euro) / £5 (row)
get in quick!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

  HEY COLOSSUS 'RRR' (FROM THE ALBUM 'RRR') by Riot Season Records

coming soon:
seahawks - tender abyss (blr03) (repress)
gavin john baker - persuasion (blr08)
gavin john baker - single note theory (blr09)

Friday, 18 February 2011

blr05, 06 and 07 now in stock over at norman. thanks to brett and ant for kind kind words.
now completely out of westwood, sorry.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

there's a chat between john doran and drumcunt over at the quietus.
also dc has a bandcamp page where you can download the fags ep from awhile back.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

paintings of windows - plaza de armas: sonida de sud america (blr05)

Paintings of Windows is one of many pseudonyms adopted by New Zealander Antony Milton. Antony has a discography that stretches back to the early 1990s, releasing tapes, cdrs, cds and vinyl on a heap of labels that include Last Visible Dog, Foxglove, Release the Bats and his own PseudoArcana. His musical endeavours involve a maze of solo projects, collaborations (with Peter Wright, Uton, and Campbell Kneale [Birchville Cat Motel, Our Love Will Destroy the World] to name just three!) and more typical group set ups that encompass an excitingly dynamic range of experimental music – from considered folk songs to free rock to black metal.  

'Plaza de Armas' is the latest outing for Antony Miltons PoW project. As with the previous works in this series, works from India, Pakistan and NZ, the album is based upon field recordings that have been subtly layered or treated so as to draw out the mood of pieces and to enhance the natural narrative flow of the album as a whole. Most times these treatments are imperceptable to the listener. Recorded in Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina much of the album favours distant sounds more reminiscent of day dreams over strident documentary recordings. The sounds of a vibrant but distant fiesta band drifts up a mountain valley on the wind, a childrens pipe band rehearse in a broken down church, frogs chirrup in a palpably warm dusk, an 80 year old woman sings a lullaby on a jungle boat. 

Limited to 100 and housed in a rePlay recycled sleeve, the cdr comes with a twelve page booklet of text and photos, full colour on body cdr art and a cover image screen printed at from an original photo collage by Antony. 50 of these come with a bonus 3” cdr with a .wmv file of a film Antony made of his time in South America.

digital version here at antony's bandcamp


photo above by pete phythian

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

thank you so much for hang times atp.
the paintings of windows cdr should be ready for the end of this week...

Saturday, 6 November 2010

gavin john baker - propeller (blr07)


part one of a trilogy. t'other two are due next year...

sounding totally unlike anything he has ever done before, gavin john baker (billy mahonie, meets guitar, jet johnson, etc) unleashes propeller, an album of minimal drones recorded on guitar, banjo and autoharp with ebow and propeller. this is a super heavy, uncompromising but ultimately rewardingly exhilarating listen. housed in a resleeve recycled sleeve, with colour photo by caroline nesbo-baker, b&w insert and disc.  60 only.

listen to bulldog here

£6 (uk) / £6.50 (eur) / £6.75 (row)

Saturday, 23 October 2010

drumcunt - i shot westwood (blr06)

he's back!

prepare yourself, mortal, for more monged bassnbeats from south london’s premiere drum manipulator, drumcunt.
stepping up to a full album this time around, drumcunt's new release "i shot westwood" may not be quite as immediately abrasive as his lauded debut mini-album "fags", but does not shy away from rattling you physically and mentally. taking cues from the bug as much as shit 80s hip-hop and violent noisecore as much as (once free, now locked up) jazz, this is the sound of progress, from the trenches. and if that weren't enough for your greedy ass, "...westwood" further continues to push your buttons by including vocals from some shady mc who the ‘cunt encountered at albertines' along lewisham way whilst bonding over pints of red stripe and jerk chicken.
ever proactive and always the hero, drumcunt has been busy since he delivered "i shot westwood" to the label, bunkland, by refixing such sonic travesties as xxxo by mia: much better now, thanks to a unique 'cunt kick. thank him later. 

"i shot westwood" comes in a recycled sleeve (resleeve) with a full colour cover, insert and compact disc. 100 copies only, and most of them have gone already. so get a move on.

£6 uk/£6.50 eur/£6.75 row.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

tfp - [31.05.05] (blr04) (split release w/eaten by squirrels)
paintings of windows - plaza de armas: sonida de sud america (blr05)
drumcunt - i shot westwood (blr06)
gavin john baker - propeller (blr07)