Saturday, 23 October 2010

drumcunt - i shot westwood (blr06)

he's back!

prepare yourself, mortal, for more monged bassnbeats from south london’s premiere drum manipulator, drumcunt.
stepping up to a full album this time around, drumcunt's new release "i shot westwood" may not be quite as immediately abrasive as his lauded debut mini-album "fags", but does not shy away from rattling you physically and mentally. taking cues from the bug as much as shit 80s hip-hop and violent noisecore as much as (once free, now locked up) jazz, this is the sound of progress, from the trenches. and if that weren't enough for your greedy ass, "...westwood" further continues to push your buttons by including vocals from some shady mc who the ‘cunt encountered at albertines' along lewisham way whilst bonding over pints of red stripe and jerk chicken.
ever proactive and always the hero, drumcunt has been busy since he delivered "i shot westwood" to the label, bunkland, by refixing such sonic travesties as xxxo by mia: much better now, thanks to a unique 'cunt kick. thank him later. 

"i shot westwood" comes in a recycled sleeve (resleeve) with a full colour cover, insert and compact disc. 100 copies only, and most of them have gone already. so get a move on.

£6 uk/£6.50 eur/£6.75 row.

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