Friday, 18 December 2009

drumcunt - fags (blr01)

dc's fags is out now. limited to 65 hand numbered 3"cdrs. full colour sleeve by anjan sarkar and the dc, printed on 110gsm recycled paper. looks as awesome as it sounds and sounds as awesome as it looks. heres what the press elves at dc hq have said about it:

It contains Drums.  Funny that.  Distorted drums, jazzy drums, heavy electro drums, sampled drums…..there is bass as well.  Dirty bass,  bass that will make you shit yourself.  There is no guitars and no fucking 80's dance production.  This is loud fuck you music for people who love giving the middle finger to the tight jean generation.   This is an essential purchase for anyone in this modern age who has any taste left.

"You need to hear their pounding concoction of twisted loops and samples mashed into tracks that sometimes sound kraut-like, sometimes heavily dubstep."  says Stool Pigeon

Damn right, you do need to hear it. 

"these druids really are cunts for the drums. Imagine the endlessly compulsive grooves of Excepter as filtered through early Destroy All Monsters conceptuals at a rave at a disused quarry and it’s raining"  Julian Cope wrote that and he knows his fucking onions. 

wrap your ears round my head feels like a chemist:

£4(uk)/£4.50(europe)/£5(row), email me and we sort it.

few things being lined up for next year, all looking super exciting.

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