Friday, 15 January 2010


rough trade and norman have copies of fags. props to brian from norman who had this to say:

"Oh good. I've got a 3" CD, 'Fags' by Drum Cunt. I was expecting vicious white noise & breakcore beats but instead i've got some seriously dark, dubby, atmospheric lo-fi electronica with big monging bass lines and all manner of panning and filtering going on. I'd love to hear this at 3am over a big soundsystem in a leaky warehouse. The second track keeps up the impressive work, slow and brooding with this cool rolling slo-dub percussion - it reminds me of post-'94 Faust being rutted by Matt Elliot & Kling Klang. 'Bonnie Tyler / Snow White' is more harsh & abrasive, resembling a stomping industrial deconstruction of the currently in-vogue wonky sound. 'My Head Feels Like A Chemist' then finishes you off, being comprised of the sludgy, distorted noise terror I initially feared the whole CD would consist of. It's still ace though AND Arch-Drude Copey is a fan!"

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