Sunday, 7 March 2010

karl brummer - magali (blr02)

65, hand numbered 3"cdrs out now! hyped as to be putting this out. karl's been kicking around for ages, doing a bluesy, more song based thing with belt motel, playing with a heap of bods (look out for the chora stuff!) and now under his own name is doing crazy exciting stuff with his battery of woodwinds. karl designed the sleeve and we got it printed onto recycled brown paper. heres the blurb:

Recently Karl Brummer’s free reeds and obscure vocals have been hard at work, augmenting shows by the likes of Chora, Rocket Number Nine and the Notorious Hi-Fi Killers. Using clarinet, tenor saxophone, bau flute, voice, junkyard percussion and guitars, Karl’s Magali is an ep that explores the similar kind of organic, tactile and esoteric territory that the likes of Sun Ra, the Art Ensemble of Chicago and the Dead C would roam in their quests to discover what lies at the peripheries of sound.

here is the whole record in a minute and twenty five seconds:

karl will be playing with the hifi killers on tuesday the 9th when they support pontiak and white hills at the luminaire in kilburn. bring yr beards.

£4(uk)/£4.50(europe)/£5(row), email me and we sort it.

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