Monday, 19 April 2010

seahawks - tender abyss (blr03)

75 hand numbered and stamped 3"cdrs, out the now. this was going to be by space weather sounds, but the gents behind sws thought it be best to use their seahawks name after finding out that there was another space weather. no fear though, this is a lovely meld of analogue synth/field recordings/guitar/banjo stuff that serves as a bridge between the two sws tapes and the forthcoming seahawks vinyl excursions on static caravan and captain's log. voila le bunf:

After two cassette tape releases on the Space Weather Sounds label, ‘Zombie OST’ and ‘Illusion Ship’, Pete Fowler and Jon Tye release their next slice of sonic exploration under their Seahawks moniker.

Seahawks are better known for their amalgam of cosmic synth, yacht rock, beach pop and deck shoe gaze but in ‘Tender Abyss’ they deliver a new age/deep listening mini opus - 18 minutes of fluttering moogs, pulsing synth, sun fried guitars and celestial banjo.

Continuing the nautical theme that can be found in many of their works, here Seahawks explore the depths of the ocean, taking you on an underwater trip that could you leave you seriously but pleasantly disorientated.

Finding vast pockets of air caught deep within subterranean caverns at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean yielded fascinating results for the crew, interesting new modulations were discovered and logged along with some unique visual distortions.

After many hours spent in a decompression chamber Seahawks finally made it back to the surface with the fruits of their underwater safari.

Their sonic experiments and field recordings were analyzed and edited together to create an aural experience for the listener at home, a wonderful and fascinating taste of the deep.

You can find more about Seahawks here.

as ever: £4 (uk), £4.50 (europe) and £5 (row)
ps:still not got a computer or regular internet access, will get back to you though! 


  1. Hello!

    I hear this is being repressed - any date on that?

    Cheers, Murray

  2. hiya - represses should be ready next week. send me an email and i'll get in touch when they are ready. ta!